The Collision Painter is responsible for the cosmetic repairs and repainting of the various vehicles that come into our shop.



  • Prepare surface to be painted; sand with a power sander or by hand; cover with paper and tape all areas that do not require paint
  • Prepare surface with chemical etching agents, as required
  • Mix paint according to specifications, using pigments according to scale
  • Control paint flow to each spray station by turning valves and observing gauges to set pressure
  • Examine painted units for sags, runs and unpainted areas. Re-adjust pressure valves to control direction and pattern of spray to correct mistakes
  • Remove and install (R&I) Body parts for spraying
  • Remove and Replace (R&R) Body parts for spraying
  • Plastic bumper repairs, windshield chip repairs
  • Rust repair


  • 3 – 5 years experience prepping and painting apprentice, leading to license
  • Solid understanding of spraygun equipment, downdraft spray booth, scales from mixing paints and the use of all chemicals and spraying processes in safe manner
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to multitask
  • Stamina required for frequent bending, stretching and polishing
  • Superior concentration when spraying to ensure even coverage with no sags or runs
  • Strong decision-making ability concerning the use of proper safety techniques
  • Manual dexterity with spray guns
  • Excellent visual liquidity to 10 match existing paint and mix paint to specific formulas
  • Computer literate
  • The ability effectively respond to and meet the needs of a diverse client base

Here’s a little blurb about us…

The McManes Automotive Group consists of dealerships spanning from Manitoba to British Columbia and we currently represent 13 brands of vehicles. Although our store locations are independently operated, we share the same overall culture by showing appreciation for every person that works with us. By taking care of our people, we inherently take care of our customers. We provide competitive rates, comprehensive benefit package for you (and your family) and we offer great opportunity for career advancement. In turn, our store locations will sponsor many team building and community events such as annual employee golf tournaments, comedy events, X-Mas dinner and even a kid’s X-Mas party where Santa makes an appearance with a sac full of toys. Regardless if you have a growing family or are starting a new one, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join ours!

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